Press release - IPPE 2020

50% savings on cleaning time, water and chemicals with Habasit’s new Super HyCLEAN™ plastic modular belt

World-leading belting supplier Habasit is launching its innovative Super HyCLEAN plastic modular belt range at IPPE 2020. Designed for poultry processing applications demanding the highest sanitation standards, the new belts’ patented hygienic design significantly reduces critical areas for organic debris accumulation. Offering quick and easy cleaning, Super HyCLEAN decreases overall sanitation costs and the risk of bacterial contamination. Visitors to IPPE can learn more about this pioneering hygiene breakthrough and Habasit’s extensive range of solutions for meat and poultry processing at stand B6608.

Reinach/Switzerland, 20 January 2020 – With the introduction of Super HyCLEAN, the world’s most hygienic plastic modular belt, Habasit continues to help poultry processors meet the challenges of rising hygiene standards while optimizing efficiency, reducing downtime, and protecting the environment.

Super HyCLEAN sinks sanitation time and resource use by 50%
Super HYCLEAN is a new generation of belts in the HabasitLINK® plastic modular belt range that helps poultry processors clean their lines faster and easier. Since not only sanitation time, but also water and chemical use drop by 50% compared to best-in-class products on the market today, the belts cut cleaning costs while also being uniquely environmentally friendly.

The new belt’s design supports the most stringent sanitation standards. Corners, hinges and rods can be breeding grounds for bacteria, so the Super HYCLEAN has more flat surfaces and minimal cavities, with no gaps between plastic modules where debris can collect and cause contamination.

The range will be available in multiple belt widths and include the patented Habasit Saniclip device, a quick belt-opening system used for instant rod installation and removal without the need for tools.

High-quality belts and accessories
Visitors to Habasit’s stand B6608 can also explore its extensive range of solutions for every processing stage. For example, its proven Habasit® Cleandrive aramid reinforced monolithic TPU belts, whose durable, easy-clean polyurethane surface delivers exceptional microbial and hydrolysis resistance, long belt lifetimes, and lower total costs of ownership.