Main applications
Habasit Hygienic Cleats represent a set of Hydrolisis resistant TPU and PVC flights specifically designed for Food Industry in order to meet the higher standards of hygiene and cleanability for a fabricated conveyor belt. They can be used with good results in all applications where cleanliness, hygiene and small pulley diameters are critical factors and they are the best solution for the food processing industries, such us: Agriculture, Bakery, Confectionery and Chocolate, Meat and Poultry.

Key features of Habasit Hygienic Cleats are: Improved foot design in comparison with current PT and PN existing profiles, that allow to have less contamination areas; Cleaning of fabricated belt with flights easier; Smaller pulley diameters: increased profile flexibility. Suitable for Habasit® Cleandrive and TPU Premium fabric belts.

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