Cleaning and Sanitation of Plastic Modular Belts

Substantial improvements through Habasit HyCLEAN CIP system 
  • Challenge
    Ensure efficient and reliable cleaning of plastic modular belts
  • Solution
    Installation of the Habasit HyCLEAN CIP (Clean-In-Place) system (patented). An automated all-round belt cleaning (inside-out + belt edges + conveying side). Works with low water pressure of 5bar. The processes: washing, foaming, rinsing and disinfection possible with one system.
  • Result
    • Thoroughly cleaned and disinfected belt after maximum 7 revolutions
    • 68% reduced water consumption versus comparable competitor systems
    • Common deboning belt of 40m x 800mm sufficiently clean in less than 1h
    • Reliable, repeatable microbiological cleaning results
    • Substantial savings versus manual cleaning -> water usage (> 20%)
    • Labor and cleaning time (50%)
    • Average payback of investment 1 year