Specially Designed Conveyor System for Plasterboard


  • Customer background
    The company manufactures products made from plaster, a widely used material in the construction industry.
  • Application
    After the raw sheets have been manufactured and cut to size, the products are stacked on pallets and conveyed to the high-bay warehouse on conveyor tracks.
  • Challenge
    Apart from the heavy load of the stack of pallets weighing several tons, the system is also exposed to a high level of abrasion from fine mineral plaster dust. This dust attacks the hinges, rods and sprockets on the modular belt, leading inevitably to increased wear in these areas, especially in less robustly constructed belts and sprockets. Since these must be fully operational 365 days a year, the replacement of prematurely worn belts and sprockets is, understandably, a major inconvenience for the operator.
  • Recommended product
    M6420 Flat Top Heavy Duty 2.5" POM with PA rods

Some years ago, presumably on cost grounds, it was decided to use modular belt chains manufactured by one of our competitors. These did not appear to us to be sufficiently robust. Our new heavy-duty modular belt, M6420, gave us an excellent opportunity to win an order in 2006, when it became clear that the competitor’s product could not cope with the high demands placed on it. In this instance it was clearly demonstrated that a solution that originally seems good value for money can prove more expensive in the long run.

An M6420 test belt fitted at the end of 2006 ran for six months to the customer’s complete satisfaction before the company decided to equip an additional 17 conveyors with our modular belt as well.