Reduced Production Loss and Increased Worker Safety in Corrugated Market


  • Customer background
    Founded in 1967, the company has provided conveying solutions to the corrugated cardboard market in Taiwan, Asia and Europe.
  • Application
    Conveying of cardboard stacks
  • Challenge
    One solution is live rollers. However, the disadvantages of rollers are that they are dangerous to workers and damage the cardboard. As an innovative company, the customer was looking for a creative solution to cope with these drawbacks.
  • Recommended product
    M2520 Flat Top

Habasit introduced M2520 to the customer during a trade show in 2002.As a modular belt provides a flat platform for both cardboard and workers, the new solution reduces production loss and increases worker safety.

After seeing the benefits provided by HabasitLINK, the customer purchased its first Habasit modular belt in 2003. They used HabasitLINK for several major projects in corrugated factories all over the world, including Spain, Poland and Russia. Based on their successful partnership with Habasit, in 2007 the customer won the largest single corrugated project in the world using 9700m2 of HabasitLINK modular belts.

Statement by the Chief Engineer:
"Corrugated sheet plants are requesting safer conveying environments. This is a clear market trend. As a worldwide brand, Habasit is able to fulfill this request through excellent product quality and service support, and the innovative range of HabasitLINK plastic modular belts. We trust HabasitLINK."