Reliable Battery Conveying in Charging Plant


  • Customer background
    The company is an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) in the Czech Republic.
  • Application
    Conveying of batteries in a charging station. The batteries have to pass various stations including:
    - filling station for sulfuric acid
    - charging conveyors submerged in a water bath
    - storage for 24
    -hour resting time after charging
    - weighing
    - quality check
    - labeling
  • Challenge
    Reliable conveying without downtime is a must due to the high level of automation. Easy and quick repair after breakdowns, achieved by any worker - skilled or unskilled - must be assured.
  • Recommended product
    HabasitLINK plastic modular belt M5032 Flush Grid

To provide the end user with a reliable conveying system to meet all its needs, Habasit offered the M5032 Flush Grid Heavy Duty Polypropylene (PP) grey combined with PP rods, driven by sprockets made of PP.

Permanent running of the HabasitLINK modular belts proved successful. Under continuous operating conditions they offer the following advantages:
• No breakdowns
• No mistracking
• No need for spare parts
• Easy and quick repair
The OEM's Director and Chief Engineer said:
"Using of the knowledge of Habasit's specialists with their broad know-how of demanding applications, combined with the high-quality modular belt products, ensures that failures do not occur."