High-grade Conveyors for High-grade Car Wash


Customer background
Car wash owner

Belt to transport 3 cars through the car wash at the same time

Regular car wash installations are equipped with a chain system on one side of the tires that can scratch and damage the rims. Maintenance difficulties are also a problem for the car wash operators. So they are constantly seeking belts that do not cause any damages and require less maintenance.

Recommended product
HabasitLINK plastic modular belt M5020 Flat Top Heavy Duty 2"

A car wash OEM in Taiwan was designing a new installation layout with a new belting system. He decided to incorporate Habasit’s M5020 Flat Top belt as it provides a flat platform with a high level of strength required for this application.

The conveyor system is capable of smoothly moving 3 vehicles simultaneously, from sedans to SUVs to 7-seaters, which in total weigh over 5 tons. Compared with metal chains, plastic modules are more suitable for use in wet conditions since there is no problem with rusting. This means less effort for rust-removal and lubrication. The customer is so satisfied with HabasitLINK plastic modular belts that he plans to use them in all his high-grade car wash installations for the global market.