Skid Conveyor in Car Painting System


  • Customer background
    The company is a big German car manufacturer.
  • Application
    Skid conveyor for car bodies in the painting area (ground lacquer)
    Belt length: 18 m
    Belt width: 94 mm
    Number of belts: 2 for a weight of max. 600 kg per skid
  • Challenge
    The existing skid conveyors, equipped with steel reinforced rubber belts, were causing problems due to lacquer sticking to the top side. The lacquer could only be removed using a knife or similar instrument.The lacquer film on the rubber belts was hard to remove, so the belts were repeatedly damaged. Due to the different lengths of these belts, a high replacement stock volume was required to minimize downtime.
  • Recommended product
    HabasitLINK plastic modular belt M5020 Flat Top Heavy Duty 2"

Habasit offered the M5020 POM dark grey as an alternative to the rubber belts. Tests showed no major sticking of paint on either PP or POM. The existing skid conveyor was rebuilt for modular belts using a PE gliding surface. Special machined sprockets were made for the existing shafts. The rebuilding was handled by the customer's own tool shop.

The conveyor has been in operation since April 2004, and the customer is extremely satisfied: the switch from steel reinforced rubber belts to plastic modular belts has proved very successful. The HabasitLINK modular belt offers the following advantages:
• High strength
• Low-maintenance
• Virtually no downtime
• No cleaning necessary
• Reduction of emergency stock
• Very fast replacement