Secured for take-off – inter airport 2017

Habasit presents its innovative belt solutions for safe and cost-effective baggage screening

Security has never been more important, particularly at airports where millions of passengers and visitors pass through their gates each day. And just as the need for vigilance and checking is constantly rising, so are the numbers of passengers and items of baggage that must be screened and safely transported. This year’s inter airport Europe at the Munich Trade Fair Center from October 10-13 2017, has a specific focus on the increasing demand for digitalization and automation systems to deal with these challenges. In response, Habasit, one of the world’s leading belt suppliers for baggage transportation, is presenting its range of top-quality and energy-saving conveyor belts for airport baggage screening and detection in Hall B6 2412, as well as for other vital airport applications.

Reinach/Switzerland, September 2017 – While passengers often complain about the long lines and hassle involved in security checks and screening, these at least offer a degree of peace of mind. A key part of the security process is x-ray screening. But in order for this to work effectively, baggage must be transported on a surface that maintains visibility for even the most detailed automated inspection. To meet this requirement, Habasit’s engineers have developed specific solutions for security applications using TPU belts, which feature zero detection interference for all methods of baggage screening, including side- and base imaging perspectives. While the chloride in other fabrics can hamper x-ray transmission, TPU permits precise, high-quality imaging that allows threats to be easily identified and removed.

Not only are Habasit belts reliably straight-running with excellent tracking, the non-slip surface friction provides a secure hold for each piece of luggage as it moves through the system. For hand luggage, strong grip is essential for a line of shifting bins that can carry a wide variety of items, from liquids to fragile personal belongings. Reliable grip is also vital to ensuring high throughput on airside hold luggage screening and detection lines. In all cases, Habasit’s low-density belts, developed using an exclusive production technology, remain imperceptible to scanners. This ensures optimal x-ray visibility and enhanced security, along with top reliability.

Wide range of airport logistics solutions
To meet the various other needs of airports for handling, screening, loading and unloading luggage, Habasit has a full range of belt solutions to choose from, and will be presenting these during inter airport at its booth in Hall B6 2412. Habasit’s leading conveyor belts offer smooth and efficient transportation together with robust lifetime durability through the use of flame-retardant, anti-static and high-grip materials.

Environmentally friendly belts
For general baggage handling applications, Habasit’s latest Eff-Line Energy Saving belts also drastically reduce CO2 emissions (by up to 45%) without any loss of efficiency in overall transport. This can make a significant financial and environmental difference, particularly for airports seeking to be accredited through CO2 reduction programs.