Press Release - CeMAT 2018

Habasit delivers one-stop-shop belting solutions for the e-commerce, retail, distribution and CEP sectors

Global e-commerce growth is projected to continue rising strongly in future, with retailers also increasingly demanding same-day deliveries to their stores and outlets. It all adds up to vastly greater throughput in the retail and distribution sectors for customer deliveries and store replenishment, and a rapidly expanding Courier-Express-Parcel (CEP) sector. In distribution centers all over the world, the workhorses moving the goods are the thousands of kilometers of belting, much of it provided by Habasit, a world leader in materials handling whose comprehensive belting range meets every application need. Habasit will be at CeMAT 2018 in Hannover, Germany, 23 – 27 April, 2018 at stand C62 in Hall 21.

Reinach/Switzerland, April 2018 – Keeping up with the demand for faster shipping of increasing numbers of parcels is a key challenge for the logistics industry. While mass sorting requires both speed and precision, operators are also looking for belts that offer superior reliability, long lifetimes, cost efficiency, and environmental friendliness. An since every solution is necessarily custom-made, it is essential to find the right belting partner to successfully meet the challenges.

Broadest range of belting
As a long-established leader in the materials handling industry, Habasit offers a comprehensive, high-quality range of belts that extends from fabric-based conveyor belts to power transmission belts, timing belts, plastic modular belts, slat and conveyor chains, and round belts. Between them, the belts offer a huge choice of materials, coatings, designs, surface features, profiles and accessories, making the range of applications they serve enormous, and ensuring a true one-stop-shop of outstandingly reliable and costeffective belts for customers.

Confidence in the best solution
One-stop-shopping is important, because by sourcing all their belting-related products and services from the same supplier, customers enjoy the benefits of reduced purchasing and logistics complexity and thus also lower costs. Furthermore, because Habasit offers such a wide range of belting solutions, operators can be confident of getting an objective and unbiased opinion on the very best belting for each application. In other words: they get what they need, not just what Habasit offers.

Solutions for every application
With journeys that can be kilometers long, items need to be moved safely and reliably through highly complex pathways involving different belts, curves, inclines and modules. From the input stage to merging and gapping, identification, induction, sorting and outfeed, every step must be precisely planned and managed. Drawing on its experience with some of the largest distribution centers in the world, Habasit has the expertise to deliver precisely the right belting for each application, as well as to provide solutions for all conveyor sub-systems and modules, such as Cross Belt Sorters, induction units, mergers, singulators, telescopic conveyors, live roller conveyors, power turns, vertical sorters, scanners, inclines and declines, AS/RS systems and pallet handling.

Habasit Eff-line belts
Energy efficiency and environmental sustainability remain important concerns for operators. In response to this, Habasit offers its Eff-line belts to help customers reduce belt energy consumption by up to 45%. This is achieved by using a special water-based impregnation for the running side of fabric conveyor belts, which lowers the dynamic coefficient of friction. The excellent durability of these belts also ensures fewer belt replacements, meaning a reduction in the overall running costs of applications, as well as a reduced carbon footprint.

Comprehensive services - worldwide
Drawing on Habasit’s extensive worldwide network, no matter where located, customers have a partner by their side offering the expert support and top-quality products they need for their applications. Habasit also provides assistance with belt selection and calculation, plus rapid fabrication, assembly and local installation services, along with belt monitoring, inspections, analyses and process optimization proposals.