Easy Belt Cleaning with TPU Scraper


  • Customer background
    Italian producer of dry food
  • Application
    Cheese dispensing line in pizza production
  • Challenge
    Pizzas are taken off from the oven when they're still hot. The belt used also becomes hot, resulting in the mozzarella-cheese bits sticking on the belt which is difficult to clean. Especially after the production has been stopped and when the cheese has become cold, this job is even harder, often resulting in an insufficient cleaning operation.
  • Recommended product
    TPU scraper E-BS38-FC on FNB-5EIC

Since a harder plastic or steel scraper bar can damage the belt when pushed against it, the customer needs a solution to not damage the belt surface while still achieving efficient cleaning.

The soft tip compound of Habasit’s TPU scraper achieves a very good cleaning, even when applying a minimum force against the belt. Before the Habasit scraper was installed, the cleaning operations were done manually with daily frequency. Now the customer can avoid this manual cleaning, which generates additional production savings.