Habasit’s new multi-purpose field joining presses

Habasit’s new multi-purpose field joining presses deliver a lightweight plug & play solution for belt widths up to 600 mm.

Whatever the application, fast and easy belt installation and replacement is essential to maintaining productivity and efficiency on the line. Now Habasit’s new PML joining presses deliver a uniquely robust yet lightweight automated solution for all belts in widths up to 600 mm. The presses offer quick and easy setup with no need for compressed air or money, time, and labor, while delivering the high-quality joining needed for top belt performance and reliability.

While belt users can select the best belt configuration among thousands of alternatives, up to now there have been relatively few joining tools. For example, with no presses on the market for narrow belts, these have had to be manually joined, which is time-consuming and relies heavily on operator skill. Similarly, although joining presses are available for wider belts, these are too heavy, large and complex for belts below 600 mm in width.

In direct response to these challenges, Habasit has now introduced its PML series of field joining presses for narrow belts.

Easily portable, plug & play operation
The compact, lightweight new presses (four sizes, from 6.5 kg to 23 kg) are easy to transport in the case supplied. Their aluminum frame ensures simple handling during on-site installation, facilitated by a compact control unit. Optimized air cooling and the absence of water or compressed air makes setup quick and straightforward: electric power is all that is required. An onboard setting gauge shows the pressure generated by tightening the closing screws with a standard ratchet wrench, which is delivered with the kit. This is what allows repeatable results.

PML presses offer quick and safe joining for most conveyor, power transmission and timing belts, covering all widths up to 600 mm. These multi-purpose tools can handle both fusion and bonded joining methods, including Habasit’s Flexproof, Thermofix and Quickmelt methods, so there is no need to have multiple tools for different technologies. The control unit allows quick setup of joining parameters and control of the joining cycle.

Suitable for narrow belts
While low-end tools to join belts up to 100 mm in width are currently available on the market, the new PML range offers world-class professional equipment for all belt widths up to 600 mm. If several narrow belts need to be joined, PML presses can weld multiple belts simultaneously, depending on the width. This means major reductions in joining time of at least 50%, as well as lower labor costs.

Professional, top-quality joining
Companies looking to achieve top-quality, reproducible belt joining on narrow belts will find the new plug & play PML joining solution an excellent way to achieve this while saving money, time, and labor. Habasit’s PML presses are a great investment for customers wishing to abandon inefficient, manual tools.