Habasit HyCLEAN awarded EHEDG Certificate of Compliance

EHEDG (the European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group) awards Certificate of Compliance to HyCLEAN plastic modular belts M5060 and M5065 with sprocket and CIP-system. Habasit is the first belt manufacturer to receive EHEDG certification for one of its solutions. 

EHEDG Certificate

Habasit’s HyCLEAN plastic modular belts, type M5060 and M5065 with sprocket and CIP system, were evaluated by the TUM (Technical University of Munich), Research Center Weihenstephan for Brewing and Food Quality, Germany. This EHEDG authorized organization awarded and published the Certificate of Compliance at the end of December, 2011.

The award of this respected certificate to Habasit’s solution provides conclusive independent proof that it meets the highest standards of hygienic equipment design. 

Habasit HyCLEAN delivers outstanding reliability and cost-efficiency

The creation and maintenance of optimal hygiene conditions are among the greatest challenges faced by the food industry today, making hygienic design and ease of cleaning crucial for equipment and components used in hygiene-sensitive food processes. Conveyor belts have an important role to play as they are often in direct contact with food.

The Habasit HyCLEAN plastic modular belt family was developed to improve hygiene conditions and cleaning procedures in food processing areas. The HyCLEAN package includes a patented sprocket and a 2” flat top module, both with a unique hygienic design.

It also includes a patented modular CIP (Clean-in-Place) system for plastic modular and other synthetic belts. The Habasit HyCLEAN CIP enables faster and more reliable cleaning cycles, and is adjustable to specific application dimensions and process set-ups. The system works even with low water pressure, allows the precise positioning of water jets, and thus delivers substantial reductions in water-use compared with other CIP systems. In addition, it ensures less risk, as well as cost and time savings, compared with manual cleaning.

Benefits of the Habasit HyCLEAN familyHabasit’s decades of experience in belting, combined with its advanced R&D and engineering capabilities, allow it to offer a family of highly adaptable, state-of-the-art solutions for the food processing industry.

The HyCLEAN family features:

  • Advanced hygienic design, compliance with EHEDG hygienic design criteria
  • 100% hinge accessibility, which enables optimized plastic modular belt cleaning
  • 85% rod access for superior cleanability and less soiling
  • Thorough cleaning of the belt and sprockets
  • Good performance with low water-pressure, thus ensuring reduced water consumption and cross-contamination
  • Cutting-edge tailored solutions based on in-depth consultation and cleaning know-how