New Habasit Eff-Line belts allow customers to reduce running costs

Habasit Eff-Line belts allow our customers to reduce running cost not only by saving up to 45% energy but also through longer belt lifetime and fewer belt replacements.

Habasit has developed a special waterbased impregnation for the running side of its fabric conveyor belts that lowers the dynamic coefficient of friction. This new technology allows our customers to save up to 45% energy just by using Habasit Eff-Line belts.
Our Eff-Line not only helps our customers to save money but is also more
environmentally friendly due to its reduced carbon footprint. With their lower
energy consumption, use of Habasit Eff-Line belts results in lower CO2 emissions.
In addition, due to longer belt lifetime, fewer belt replacements are needed.