Habasit America COVID-19 Update

Up-to-date information on Habasit America's facility, customer service, and manufacturing statuses

Habasit America is committed to keeping you informed of developments pertaining to COVID-19. Yesterday morning, Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp issued a shelter-in-place order for the state where our North American head office is located. Consistent with all executive orders issued by other states and municipalities recently, the Georgia order also defines Habasit’s business as a critical supplier to essential businesses. Consequently, our head office and fabrication/assembly operations in Georgia will remain open for the foreseeable future.

Safety continues to be a primary focus during these challenging times. Habasit America is taking all necessary precautions to maintain a safe work environment. Our employees are adhering with our Smart Working guidelines and are continuing to support our customers. Our commitment is to provide undisrupted service to our customers during the pandemic.

We will continue to keep you informed of any changes to this situation. 




Habasit is fully committed to providing an undisrupted level of service to our customers during the current COVID-19 pandemic. We are closely monitoring governmental regulations implemented to contain the spread of the virus.

Work and travel restrictions have been implemented by several state and local governments, which now includes Gwinnett County, Georgia, where our North American head office is located. As Habasit America is an important supplier to essential industries and our service is critical to maintaining operations in, among others, food, beverage and materials handling, our facilities are exempt from these restrictions. Our head office and fabrication center in Georgia is open for business, just as our other facilities nationwide.

We take additional precautions to ensure safety of our employees, with all teams trained to strictly follow recommended hygiene measures in their workspace. We have also actively implemented Smart Working policies for all employees who can work from home.

We will continue regular communication to keep you informed about any new developments. Our team is available to answer any questions you may have.




As many of you are aware business restrictions and lock down orders have been issued by many state governments. Habasit is considered to be a critical supplier to businesses that have been defined as “essential”. These essential businesses include companies involved in food production, medical supply production, logistics and several other industries. As such, Habasit is open for business nationwide.

Our employees are able to work at all our manufacturing and fabrication facilities in Georgia, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, California, Texas and New York. Our employees are following recommended hygiene measures necessary to maintain a healthy workforce. Habasit will continue to go to great lengths to ensure the safety and health of our employees to support you during this crisis.

For further questions about supply, please contact our customer care department for updates. We will continue to keep you informed of any changes to this situation. Please visit our website for the most up-to-date information.


Habasit is closely monitoring the serious global COVID-19 situation and analyzing potential effects on its business. We are in ongoing contact with our suppliers to identify possible supply shortages in advance. For the time being we have been assured by our suppliers that there is no immediate risk of raw material supply shortages.

As per today, there are no official measures in force that negatively affect our production sites. All production employees can access their workplace. The logistics chain is not interrupted. Trucks have full access to our plants for incoming and outgoing products. Habasit maintains a high level of inventory of finished products at our Habasit America facilities and at our other affiliated companies around the globe.

With regard to possible infection by imported goods, health authorities in the USA and EU inform that currently there is no evidence to support transmission of COVID-19 associated with imported goods. In general, because of poor survivability of such Corona viruses on surfaces, there is likely very low risk of spread from products or packaging that are shipped over a period of days or weeks at ambient temperatures.

Our employees are trained to strictly follow recommended hygiene measures such as washing and disinfecting hands and adapted social behavior. Access to the facilities is strictly controlled and employees have the obligation to inform the management on contact with potentially infected persons.

We will continue to observe the situation and keep you informed.