Precision fabrication of XVT-2547 minimizes costly quality inspections

Habasit's superior fabrication reduced belt failures and quality inspections for over $19k in savings.

A global leader in food cutting technology received competitor belts that were fabricated with the wrong measurements and inconsistent splices. As a result, V-guides were failing and separating from the belt. These chronic problems resulted in the need to dedicate a Q/A resource for inspection of 100% of incoming belts, which resulted in a 50% rejection rate. Due to these quality issues, the customer experienced missed machine shipments, belt failures in the field, and added costs to replace failed belts.

To solve the costly belt failures, the customer required a food-approved fabric belt fabricated with precise measurements, consistent splice area, and enhanced bond integrity of the V-guides. Habasit satisfied this requirement through high-quality craftsmanship and specially commissioned equipment, enabling the precise fabrication of the XVT-2547. 

Installed easily due to proper lengths, the XVT-2547 offered the cover thickness and surface finish necessary to support effective traction at infeed of cutting operation and proper release at discharge. The precise length facilitated ease of installation and proper traction with the drive pulley, preventing belt slip or bearing overload. Additionally, fully fused V-guides eliminated voids between the guide and belt, which can be sites for potential bacterial growth. 

Overall, the superior fabrication quality granted the customer substantial benefits:

  • Consistently high product quality
  • Reduction in quality inspection labor by 85%
  • Elimination of premature belt failures
Total annual savings surpassed $19,000.