IS610's effective grip during decline ends costly manual positioning

The IS610 Grip Top with accessories eliminates product slippage for nearly $8k in savings.

A pizza producer struggled with product slippage occurring on a decline, where a competitor's belt was equipped as the hold-down belt, which is intended to support the pizzas and their toppings during decline. The competitor's plastic flush grid belt was ineffective in securing the pizzas, resulting in slippage-related product loss and the need for manual labor to adjust pizzas before entry into the freezer.

To eliminate the need for unnecessary manual labor, the pizza producer required a food-safe plastic modular belt that could secure both the pizzas and their toppings during a decline. Habasit satisfied this requirement with the IS610 Grip Top, designing a grip pattern that would navigate the hold-down wheels of the conveyor and provide mechanical support to secure the pizzas and their toppings. 

Once installed, the IS610 Grip Top stabilized the pizzas for reliable movement on the decline. As a result, the producer no longer required a worker to monitor the line and manually adjust product after slippage. 

Overall, the food producer experienced substantial savings and benefits by switching to Habasit:

  •  $4,800 in manual labor savings
  • Approximately $3,000 in annual product loss
  • Improved product quality

Total annual savings amounted to $7,800.