Faster clamping and cutting tool end time-wasting joining procedures

The AF-76/US die-cutting tool reduced joining time for over $4k in production savings, per minute.

A distribution center desired to reduce maintenance time for belt replacement on its live roller conveyor, which transported a high volume of parcels. The endless joining process, per belt, could consume in excess of one hour of operation and sometimes resulted in errors due to the complexity of the process. Specifically, the distribution center utilized a competitor's die-cutting tool, which featured inefficient clamping design and excessive operational steps, wasting operator time and increasing cutting errors.

To mitigate the time-wasting cutting process, the customer required simplified and shortened fabrication operations to reduce the number of operation steps and potential for error by relatively inexperienced maintenance personnel. Habasit satisfied this requirement with the AF-76/US die-cutting tool, which reduced the number of operations in two ways: by replacing the traditional belt clamping device (typically four thumbscrews) with two simple, lever-actuated clamps and by reducing the individual finger cutting operations from eleven steps to three.

Once purchased, the AF-76/US die-cutting tool reduced both installation time and error rates, benefiting especially the less experienced operators. Overall, the high-volume distribution center gained large savings  by redeeming precious production time:

  • Over 1 minute in time saved per belt cutting
  • $4,700 per minute in saved production
  • Reduction in cutting errors, which required costly time for manual correction

Savings reached at least $6,000 per belt cutting.

The customer enjoyed a highly scalable solution that delivered greater uptime and process efficiency while reducing installation labor costs.