An ounce of prevention leads to pounds of profit with the Habasit Cleandrive lug drive

Vegetable producer reaps more than $75,000 in savings by making the switch.

A produce company was feeling the heat from summer harvest. The conveyor belt used to sort carrots and parsnips frequently stretched in high summer temperatures — shortening belt life and causing the belt to disengage from the sprockets. 

To compensate, the speed of the conveyor was intentionally reduced, which resulted in extending the production time by over 500 additional hours. Meanwhile, a second conveyor using a wire mesh belt proved to be a safety hazard when an employee lost part of a finger. 

The company replaced both belts with the Habasit® Cleandrive lug drive, specially designed to resist elongation due to its embedded aramid cords. In long-term tensile tests, Habasit Cleandrive demonstrated a total stretch of less than 1%, making it the perfect solution. 

With the stretching issue solved, the business resumed full capacity operations, with immediate results: \

  •  They saved over $75,000 in labor costs by not running longer into the season.
  • More importantly, the company was able to
    replace an unsafe, wire mesh belt. Human safety
    is priceless.
Results: $75,456 labor costs saved.