Habasit Cleandrive lug drive

Habasit® Cleandrive lug drive is the third drive system available in the Habasit Cleandrive product line. The most reliable, hygienic food-safe belt for food processing, the lug drive design features robust fixed-width lugs that enable self-tracking to ensure effective drive and belt positioning. And because it uses the same polyurethane formulation as the other positive and friction drive versions, the product exhibits superior hydrolysis (hot water) and microbial resistance, which may further increase belt life in many applications.


  • Embedded aramid cords stabilize and limit elongation
  • Long-term tensile tests under relatively high loading demonstrated a total stretch of less than 1%
  • USDA certified for Meat, Poultry and Dairy processing
  • Compatible with competitor sprockets for customers who wish to use existing components
  • Joined using a PQ series quick melt press and corresponding press insert
  • Sidewall, cleat and custom fabrication options meet a broad range of food belt application needs.



Habasit Cleandrive lug drive FAQs