Press Release - inter airport Europe 2019

First-class baggage belting from Habasit

inter airport Europe 2019: Habasit presents its customized belting solutions for safe and energy-efficient baggage handling and screening.

Achieving smooth airport operations at a time of rising security challenges and passenger numbers is a tall order. At this year’s inter airport Europe 2019 at the Munich Trade Fair Centre from October 8-11, airport operators will be seeking the most reliable, energy-saving conveyor belts for airport baggage screening and detection. Habasit, the world’s leading belting provider, is presenting its belts and individually tailored solutions for the industry at Stand 1474 in Hall B5.

Reinach/Switzerland Habasit has vast experience providing belting solutions for all applications within airport baggage handling and baggage screening systems, involving both carry-on and checked items. As well as belts for conventional systems where items are placed directly on a moving belt, Habasit also offers belting for tray-based baggage handling systems, which can be either parallel fabric belts or parallel timing belts. Habasit offers both types of belts, and will display these its stand.

TPU-enabled security
X-ray screening is key to the security process, but to work effectively, baggage must be transported on a surface that maintains visibility for the most detailed automated inspection. To meet this requirement, Habasit offers security application solutions using TPU belts, which feature zero detection interference for all methods of baggage screening, including side- and base imaging perspectives. While the chloride in other fabrics can hamper x-ray transmission, TPU permits precise, high-quality imaging that easily identifies threats and allows their removal.

Reliable grip
Habasit belts are reliably straight-running with excellent tracking. Their non-slip surface friction provides a secure hold for each item moving through the system. For hand luggage, strong grip is essential for a line of shifting bins that can carry a wide variety of items, from liquids to fragile personal belongings. Reliable grip is also vital to ensuring high throughput on airside hold luggage screening and detection lines. In all cases, Habasit’s low-density belts, the result of an exclusive production technology, remain imperceptible to scanners. This ensures optimal x-ray visibility and enhanced security, along with excellent reliability.

Environmentally friendly belts
For general baggage handling applications, Habasit’s Eff-Line Energy Saving belts feature a special impregnation that ensures reduced sliding friction. This not only leads to a longer belt service life, it also results in lower energy use and thus substantially reduced CO2 emissions (by up to 45%) - without any loss of efficiency in overall transport. This can make a significant financial and environmental difference, particularly for airports seeking accreditation through CO2 reduction programs.

Wide range of airport logistics solutions – from check-in to baggage claim
To meet the many other needs of airports for handling, screening, loading and unloading luggage, Habasit has a full range of proven belt solutions to choose from. Its specialists will be glad to review these during inter airport in Hall B5 at Stand 1474, and explain how Habasit conveyor belts offer smooth and efficient transportation, low-noise belt design, and robust lifetime durability through the use of flame-retardant, anti-static and high-grip materials.

Airports around the globe trust Habasit
From Boston to Vancouver, to Chennai to Xi’an, to Athens and Zurich, Habasit belting solutions are hard at work around the world. Wherever our airport clients are based, we deliver comprehensive local services and full support for every customized solution.