The space-saving solution for pan, case and crate handling radius applications

HabasitLINK® M2592 Radius Raised Deck 1"

Pan, case and crate handling applications 

Plastic modular belts are currently used in 20% to 30% of pan-, case-, and create-handling
applications. When compared with traditional roller or chain systems, these new solutions generate
important additional benefits for your customers, which include:

  • A continuous surface that avoids the case puncturing sometimes associated with roller conveyors
  • Better product placement without misalignment
  • A steadier flow of goods that delivers better control of the process.
The compact solution

Your customers face the ongoing challenge of optimizing production layout. They want to simplify their internal processes, improve product flow and decrease unnecessary movement, which means minimizing machine footprint. This impacts the design of conveyor solutions, which must be relatively small, easily customizable, and flexible.

Significant space-savings

The M2592 Radius Flush Grid Raised Deck is the new radius 1” pitch belt that permits a significant reduction in the conveyor system footprint. You can save up to five times the floor space needed for traditional modular belt solutions, which gives you added flexibility for plant and process layout design. Moreover, thanks to the raised deck surface, your customers can now transport products with a wide range of sizes - from small boxes to wide pans - without interference from lateral wearstrips.

  • Easy design – You and your customers save time
    and resources because conveyor construction
    and maintenance are easier than for other
    radius belt solutions, and the belt uses standard
    L-shape wearstrips.
  • Lower costs – Thanks to the belt's superior strength,
    you can design longer conveyors and reduce
    the number of drives and product transfers
    between consecutive conveyors. The M2592
    is one of the most robust belts on the market
    for radius applications.
  • Less noise – Pan-, case- and crate-handling
    applications using the Habasit M2592 plastic
    modular belt are much quieter than traditional roller
    or chain solutions. This creates a more comfortable
    production environment for line operators.