HabasitLINK® modular belts New TPE GripTop Blue material

HabasitLINK® GripTop products set the standard for high-friction PMB applications.

The introduction of TPE GripTop Blue goes one step further and provides an ideal high-contrast surface for dry foods, bakery and other applications. The bright color makes it easier to spot food particles or stray items, identify routine belt wear, and detect the presence of any belt fragments that might accidentally adhere to food or products.

  • Offers the same durability, efficiency, modularity and compatibility of current TPE GripTop White products.
  • Provides an ideal non-slip surface for inclined conveyors, spiral conveyors, and applications that require stable product positioning (such as bread slicers)
  • Colored surface offers greater visual contrast for enhanced quality control
  • Meets FDA and EU regulatory requirements for food contact, with the exception of fatty or oily foods
  • Appropriate for most product applications that require a high coefficient of friction between belt and product