Bakery, Biscuits and Snacks

Habasit offers a broad belting range for the bakery, biscuit and baked snacks processing industry.

Our products’ unique features include:
  • Non-fray or frayless fabrics to improve product safety and avoid
    contamination risks
  • Belt constructions that absorb moisture and resists humidity
  • Special coatings with excellent release properties to increase yield and
    reduce waste
  • Blue-coated and colored belts for optimized, hygienic processes
  • Good airflow and/or temperature resistance, ideal for cooling, proofing
    and conveying goods at elevated temperatures
  • Endless woven belts with excellent extraction for biscuit molding
Habasit Snack Conveying Habasit Dough Conveying Habasit Conveying Dough

Whether processing, handling, transferring or preparing dough; cooling baked products; cutting or packaging, Habasit provides the right solution.