Power Transmission Belt Design

Composite construction with three different material traction layers coated with NBR rubber (partly with Hamid or leather), with different structures on both surface sides, in asymmetric and symmetric styles.

Asymmetrically built:  A flat belts, partly TF and TCF series
Symmetrically built:    Flat and tangential belts S, SP, CM, TC, partly TF series   
Three different belt concepts:

  • Polyester traction layer – outstanding price-to-value ratio
  • Polyamide traction layer – reliable and robust in harsh conditions
  • Aramide traction layer – the best choice for very long belts
Polyester power transmission belts and their layers Thermofix and Flexproof Joining Preparation of Thermofix joint

Polyamide types need to be glued with an adhesive, whereas polyester and aramide fabric types are joined endless using the adhesive-free Flexproof (finger) method.

Learn more about the inherent properties of the materials on our Materials pages.


For drive design and installation details download

HabaDRIVE Enineering Guide (6026)