Reinforced premium thermoplastic overcomes oil-related mistracking

Habasit® Cleandrive overcame oil-related sprocket misengagement for more than $23k in savings.

A food producer complained of sprocket engagement troubles with a competitor’s belt, caused by expansion and contraction of the belt due to the excess of oil in the application. Without any form of reinforcement, the competitor’s belt lacked dimensional stability, regularly resulting in failed engagement of the drive bars and sprockets. Also, the edges of the belt would become wavy and curl up over time, requiring replacement.

To improve belt tracking and lifetime, the food producer required a food-approved, positive drive belt that would not expand and contract due to excessive oiliness. Habasit satisfied this requirement with Habasit Cleandrive, which features a premium polyether TPU material as well as aramid reinforcement cords, offering lower absorbency and superior dimensional stability.

Once installed, Habasit Cleandrive experienced no issues with sprocket engagement and showed no signs of wear, even after several months of performance. 

Due to the success of the one replacement, the customer outfitted all 7 conveyors with Habasit Cleandrive. 

Overall, the food producer experienced strong savings through dramatically improved belt lifetime:

  • At least 50% increase in belt lifetime
  • Belt replacement costs cut in half
Total annual savings surpassed $23,000.