Robust material of M3840 holds up against heavy loads and hygiene maintenance

The M3840’s durability extends the product lifespan for $180M in additional revenue

An egg processing plant that conveys raw eggs into cartons needed a conveying system that could accommodate heavy loads, extensive hygiene maintenanceand multiple turn radius configurations. 

After evaluating their options, the customer switched to the Habasit M3840 with POM Rods. Its robust white PP material and high lateral stiffness met the strict requirements the customer faced for durability and chemical resistance. Additionally, the POM Rods provided the extra strength needed for heavy lifting and the open-hinge design enabled easier cleaning.

Relying on previous experiences, the customer expected the Habasit belts to last for four years. However, they didn’t start showing signs of deterioration or brittleness for seven years— a full three years later than anticipated.

Due to the M3840’s exceptional durability, this plant is now a repeat Habasit customer and continues to reap  benefits like:

  • Exceeding projected belt life by 75% 
  • Reducing the need for maintenance and replacement
  • Effectively lowering the cost of ownership over time
Total additional revenue of $180M.

Based on an annualized cost of ownership, the extended product lifespan provided additional egg revenue with the same belt.