Excellent release of CNB-6EB eliminates sticky snack bar residue

The Habilene®-coated CNB-6EB saved a snack producer over $38k by stopping residue

A multinational snack food producer struggled with residue building up on each belt following a guillotine, which cut the snack bars to the correct size. At this stage, the snack bars are still soft and somewhat sticky, and the existing 2-ply urethane belt retained residue, which required production-stopping cleaning episodes before the recipe was complete.

To solve the costly residue problem, the snack food producer needed a powerturn-compatible belt with excellent release qualities. Habasit satisfied this requirement with the CNB-6EB, which delivers superior release and constant product flow due to Habilene®, a specially modified polyolefine coating.

Once installed, the CNB-6EB eliminated residue and transfer issues, allowing this snack food producer to run a recipe for a week—uninterrupted and without costly downtime for belt cleaning.

Overall, the snack food producer experienced several cost-saving benefits from the replacement of two powerturn belts:

  • Substantial savings through a superior price-performance ratio
  • 3-to-1 belt life over the competitor's option
  • 16 less hours of cleaning labor per month
Total annual savings surpassed $38,000.