CNB-6EB-A1's strength and release ends mistracking and costly cleaning

The CNB-6EB-A1 saved a snack producer over $50k by minimizing replacements and sanitation efforts.

A North American snack food producer experienced numerous problems with a competitor's 1-ply fabric belt in the production of granola and protein bars for top brands. Issues included mistracking and crease lines after sanitation, yellowing in color, and poor release characteristics. During system audits, the noticeably worn and yellowed belts would fail inspection, requiring regular replacements.

To improve belt lifetime, the snack food producer required a food-approved fabric belt suitable for tight nosebars while offering better lateral strength and release characteristics than the competitor's belt. Habasit satisfied this requirement with the CNB- 6EB-A1, a white 2-ply belt that resists fold marks, maintains tracking, withstands yellowing, and promotes release through a specially modified polyolefin coating.

Once installed, the CNB-6EB-A1 lasted twice as long as the previous belt, without mistracking, yellowing, or lengthy sanitation procedures to remove the sticky product. The added lateral strength and proprietary coating proved effective in enhancing performance and extending lifetime.

Overall, the snack food producer experienced substantial annual savings:

  • $12,000 in reduced maintenance for replacements
  • 600 less hours of sanitation for $36,000 in savings
  • Added value through competitive pricing

Total annual savings surpassed $50,000.