High-temp nylon of SM605 endures heat and cuts costly scrap

A global baked snack producer switched to high-temp plastic belting for $12,000 in savings.

A producer of a popular baked snack chose to eliminate all metal belting in the plant due to conveyor wear and excessive scrap caused by the high open area of the metal wire surfaces. The producer experimented with several competitor plastic belts, but since the product transferred from a fryer on its way to seasoning, no tested belts could endure the heat longer than four months.

To solve the short belt life, the producer required a plastic modular belt with a high temperature resistance and a suitable open area for a relatively thin product. Habasit satisfied this requirement with the SM605 in maroon nylon, which features a high-temp additive. Further, the SM605 has a modest open area of 30%, virtually eliminating product fall-through and disruptive scrap.

Once installed, the SM605 performed reliably despite the high heat of the fryer and oil residue, lasting an impressive 18 months.

Overall, the food producer experienced several cost-saving benefits from the special high-temp
plastic material:

  • 4.5 times the belt life of competitor options
  • Nearly $2,000 in reduced maintenance labor
  • Annual belt replacement savings of $10,000

Total annual savings reached $12,000.

Though not pertinent to the success of this application, the SM605 in maroon nylon also includes a
special non-stick additive.