TC13/NM's open cotton weave secures product from costly slippage

The TC13/NM offers the right material and weave to prevent product slippage for over $26k in savings.

A Canadian bakery experienced regular slippage on its decline conveyor, which brought small pizza shells from an overhead cooler to packaging on the ground floor. Due to present oils, the  pizza shells gradually shifted or slid out of position during decline. Since the product was precisely positioned for packaging, the customer needed to re-position the product manually at the cost of additional labor.

In order to maintain the position of the oily pizza shells, the customer required a food-safe conveyor belt with a combination of oil absorption and easy release. Habasit satisfied this requirement with the TC13/NM, which held the pizza shells in position during decline by means of the open cotton fabric weave, which absorbed oil and created a bond between the belt and product. Additionally, the fine cotton weave allowed for greater belt flexibility and improved release for the high-moisture product.

Once installed, the TC13/NM preserved the positioning of the pizza shells, despite having a non- adhesive surface. Effectively absorbing the product's oil without suffering oil-related damage, like delamination, the TC13/NM allowed for a reduction in the manual labor required to correct the product's positioning. 

Overall, the bakery enjoyed substantial savings:

  • Two less employees on the packaging line, cutting 32 hours of labor, weekly
  • More reliable product handling

Total annual savings surpassed $26,000.