Habasit offers Habasit Cleandrive 3” and 6” scoop options

Habasit America now offers new scoop options to allow greater customization and optimal performance of Habasit® Cleandrive belting.

The traditional PSH-1000 4” scoop is joined by the new PSH-75 3” and PSH 150 6” sizes to control product movement on inclines or declines, primarily in food processing applications.

Made of premium thermoplastic polyurethane, the scoops are sturdy and reliable with superior hygiene and high chemical and hydrolysis resistance properties. Available in white or cobalt blue, they comply with all applicable FDA and EU regulations. The coextrusion technology used to manufacture the 6” scoop produces a softer tip while preserving body and foot strength.



About Habasit

Habasit helps customers improve reliability, quality and productivity of their equipment and processes, providing excellent conveyor and power transmission products, systems and services. Established in 1946 in Basel, Switzerland, the family-owned company has a global presence in over 70 countries with more than 3,500 employees in affiliated companies and service centers worldwide. Habasit provides the highest quality products and comprehensive, tailor-made solutions from an extensive range of fabric-based conveyor belts, plastic modular belts and chains, power transmission belts, monolithic and timing belts.

Habasit’s North American headquarters is in Suwanee, Ga.

For more information on Habasit visit www.habasitusa.com or call 1-800-458-6431.