Habasit Chronology and Milestones from 1946 to the Present

2010 - present

International FoodTec Award

2018 Acquisition of NGI Holding A/S.

2016 Incorporation of affiliate in Brazil.

Joint venture with Rocua Internacional S.A., Mexico.

2015 Acquisition of Schermer Transportbanden, specialized producer of high performance seamless belts, the Netherlands.

2014 Complete take-over of the Indo-Swiss company Habasit-Iakoka in Coimbatore, India.

2013 Acquisition of Tasman Belting, long-term partner of Habasit in Australia and New Zealand.

2012 Achieved Environmental Management System certification ISO 14001:2004 for producing unit Reinach, Switzerland.

Habasit wins the International FoodTec Award 2012 in Silver fort the HyCLEAN plastic modular belt type M5060 and M5065 with sprocket and CIP system (Cleaning-In-Place).

Brislach Weaving Center: opening of new building and implementation of state-of-the-art warping technology up to 5400 mm width.

2011 Introduction of the Habasit Green Concept: respect for the Earth, nature and resources, compels us to increase eco-friendly products, production processes, and operations.

2010 Acquisition of Italian gear motor manufacturer Rossi Motoriduttori, Modena.

2000 - 2009 

Habasit belt range

2008 Start of development and production of positive drive conveyor belts (Habasit Cleandrive). 
Incorporation of affiliate in Turkey.

2007 Total revision of the 4000 mm melting calender.

Inauguration of the Modular Belt Innovation Center at Reinach, Switzerland (application and test center).

2006 Start of development and production of timing belts (HabaSYNC).

Acquisition of US modular and spiral belt manufacturer KVP Inc., Reading, Pennsylvania.

2005 Start of slat and conveyor chain production (HabaCHAIN).

2004 Joint venture with Italian gear motor manufacturer Rossi Motoriduttori, Modena.

2002 Awarded quality certification ISO 9001:2000.

2001  Acquisition of UK conveyor belt manufacturer Charles Walker Ltd, of Bingley.

2000  Start development and production of plastic modular belts (HabasitLINK).

1990 - 1999 

4000mm melting calendar

1998 Acquisition of Italian mold manufacturer and injection-molding company Plastomeccanica S.p.A., of Vittorio, Veneto.

1997 Acquisition of US belt manufacturer Globe International Inc., of Buffalo, New York.

1996 Achieved quality certification ISO 9001:1994.

Joint venture with Indian spindle tape manufacturer Iakoka, of Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. 

Acquisition of US seamless belt manufacturer ABT Inc., of Middletown, Connecticut. 

Acquisition of Swiss weaving company Haener AG, of Brislach, (Basel Land), enabling in-house production of high-tech fabrics up to 4000 mm width.

1995 Acquisition of Italian conveyor belt manufacturer Cobelt S.r.l., of Valdengo, near Biella.

1994 Incorporation of affiliate in Taiwan.

1992 May 28, death of Habasit’s founder Fernand Habegger.

1980 - 1989

Habasit AG

1989   Incorporation of affiliate in Singapore. 

Inauguration of the world’s largest melting calender, and extension of production width to 4000 mm.

1988   First double belt press ordered.

1987   Awarded quality certification ISO 9002/EN 29001.

1986   Incorporation of affiliates in Belgium and the Netherlands.  

TQM (Total Quality Management) program begins.  

1985   Construction starts of building for 4000 mm production with heat and solvent recovery for coating and melting machinery.

1981   Incorporation of affiliate in Norway.

1980   Opening of new building for inventory.            

Creation of  “Art & Culture” working group to support employee identity and integration; awareness of work environment; and art, culture, family and leisure activities.  

 1970 - 1979

Habasit AG

1978   Incorporation of affiliate in France.             

Buildings extended for production and fabrication.

1976   Incorporation of affiliate in Italy.

1975   New building with offices and staff apartments opens.

1974   New building opens for larger production-width machinery; new production of 2400 mm widths begins.  

Incorporation of affiliate in Germany.  

1972   Incorporation of affiliate in Brazil.

1971   Building extension  for administration, staff restaurant, production, and R&D.

1970   New office building opens.

1960 - 1969 

Habasit AG

1969   Incorporation of affiliate in Argentina. 

1968   Incorporation of affiliates in Japan and Spain.

1967   Incorporation of affiliates in Canada, Austria, Sweden, and the USA.  

Technology change: move from 600 mm production width to 1200 mm.  

1966   Shortage of space leads to construction of additional new buildings for production, engineering, and research & development.

1965   Incorporation of Habasit Holding AG.             

Habasit AG becomes an affiliated company of Habasit Holding AG.             

Incorporation of first foreign affiliate: Habasit (GB) Ltd., in the UK.  

1961   March 31, funds raised from private investors to set up Habasit’s own international sales organization.

September 29, company name changed to Habasit AG.  

1950 - 1959

Habasit AG

1959   Start of construction of new buildings for production and administration in Reinach (Basel-Land) and successively moving to Reinach.

1958   After several renovations and reconstructions within Basel it was necessary to relocate outside of Basel.

1953   Entry into the spindle tape and machine tape market.             

First venture into conveyor belt manufacturing.  

1951   Conversion of the private firm into a stock corporation: Habasit-Werk AG.

1950   Move to a former soap factory at Bläsiring 86, Basel.

1946 - 1949 

Habasit AG since 1946

1948   November 15, wedding of Alice Fluck and Fernand Habegger.

1946   March 1, foundation of Habasit Technical Office by Fernand Habegger and Alice Fluck (later Mrs. Habegger) in Basel, with offices at Freie Strasse 15, and a workshop at Obere Rebgasse 42. With its main focus on power transmission belts and conveyor belts, Habasit offers technical support and consulting, and sells machines, tools, and innovative technical products.  

June 29, registration of the Habasit trademark (first logo).