Belt Design

The modular belt is an aggregation of individual plastic modules made by high-precision injection molding and connected by lateral rods. Its robust design is optimized for efficient conveying and easy cleaning procedures.

Plastic modular belts eliminate the need for high-tension systems by positively engaging the sprocket with the running belt and maintaining proper belt tracking. They are widely used in many industries, where their specific product features provide numerous benefits to our customers. Wear-resistant materials secure a long lifetime in all applications. 

Bricklayed moduls forming a conveyor belt


A modular belt consists of single plastic modules made by high-precision injection molding. The module surfaces can be completely closed, slightly open, or with an open contact area of up to 88% for cooling or draining.

Minipitch sprocket type


Injection-molded sprockets have a specific open design that allows easy access for sanitation across the width of the conveyor shafts. Smooth lines and rounded corners eliminate virtually all areas where debris can be trapped.

Snap-fit pivot rod


The full-width rods ensure belt connection and lateral stiffness. HabasitLINK modular belts come with two rod solutions, depending on the belt type: Smart Fit and Snap Fit.