Fabric Processing Belt - FNB-12E

More Than Just a Food Belt

Habasit’s FNB-12E, originally developed for food processing, has found many uses in other industries as well. This TPU-coated, fabric belt has been primarily used for conveying and processing baked snacks, bread, confections, convenience food, pastry, pasta, and pizza. However, it’s also hard at work in other industrial operations including:

  • Wood finishing
  • Laminating
  • Packaging
  • Die cutting
  • Metal stamping
  • Transfers of mfrd. products
This tough belt resists cuts, abrasion, oils, and a broad range of chemicals. It’s dense, void-free, TPU coatings, and non-adhesive surface supports thorough cleaning. FNB-12E operates reliably within temperatures ranging from 5 - 176° F (-15 – 80° C). Available in seamless widths up to 157.48” (4000mm) to meet the need of wide operations without longitudinal seaming.

Key Benefits:

  • Non-adhesive, low friction surface with good release properties
  • High strength, low stretch for heavy loads, short take-up
  • Anti-static
  • FDA approved
  • Laterally rigid, longitudinally flexible for short transfers
  • Resists cuts, impacts, abrasions, and oils