EMB-11EMWH | Performance Line Forming Belt

The EMB-11EMWH supports high-performance, top-quality panel board production. It is suitable for forming lines in MDF, particle board, and OSB production, and has successfully proven its efficiency in many panel board production lines around the globe. 

The EMB-11EMWH offers an optimal balance between strength and flexibility, supporting the large belt dimensions needed for forming lines. At the same time it allows a small nosebar radius that facilitates smooth hand-over of the fiber mat to the next production stage. 

The belt’s high-grade surface coating of hydrolysis-resistant TPU ensures a top-quality final board surface and a long belt service life. These features make the EMB‑11EMWH an excellent, highly economical belt solution.

Proven characteristics of the EMB-11EMWH include:

  • Optimal balance of strength and flexibility
  • Smooth homogeneous surface
  • High chemical- and hydrolysis resistance
  • Excellent price/performance ratio
Habasit provides a full range of specialized belts for panel board production, including pre-press, deaeration  and board handling. 

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