REACH Compliance

European chemicals regulation REACH
REACH (Registration, Evaluation and Authorization of Chemicals) is the EU chemical regulation entered into force in June 2007. Since then all EU-manufacturers and EU-based importers of chemical substances are requested to register their products at the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA), located in Helsinki, Finland. It is valid in all member states, and harmonizes the existing national chemical regulations. In future, only chemicals that have been registered and evaluated for the intended application can be manufactured and used. On May 31, 2018 the registration period for substances manufactured or imported between 1 to 100 tons a year will end. Thus, finalizing the registration of substances used in the EU before 1 June 2018. Newer substances will have to be registered before they can be manufactured or imported.
Does REACH concern Habasit and its customers?
Habasit products are affected by REACH. We have been in close contact with our raw material suppliers since 2007 to ensure that all substances in our products were pre-registered and will be registered at ECHA within the period allotted by the law. The uses of our products which we have communicated to our suppliers are identical to the uses identified in our Product Data Sheets. Should it come to our attention that some customer uses are not included or are not supported, we will, within our ability, undertake the necessary steps to include them. We are taking all necessary steps to ensure a normal continuation of the supply of our products.

What about SVHC in Habasit products?
Habasit aims to avoid in its products substances of the REACH candidate list (SVHC, substances of very high concern) in a concentration of 0.1% or more. In case a product contains 0.1% or more of a candidate list substance you will be informed by Habasit as requested by REACH regulation art. 33. If possible, Habasit will replace such substances. Please note, that the presence of such a substance in a product neither restricts nor terminates the use of this product. This is also valid if a SVHC will be included in the Annex XIV authorization list. The so called "sunset date" refers to the use of the substance only but does not affect products containing this substance and put on the market before the "sunset date".

If you have any further questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact your local Habasit partner.

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