Extruded Belts

Round Belts 

Habasit round belts are highly flexible, directionally adjustable, and multi-directional for angular gears. They can be used for conveying as well as for driving applications. As a result of their elasticity, round belts can be installed without a tensioning device. This allows compact machine designs. In addition, the elasticity acts as a security element by reducing shocks in case of brief overloads.

Round belts are highly resilient, and their physical and chemical characteristics are exceptional in many areas: their resistance to hydrolysis is significantly superior to that of most existing polyurethane elastomer. As a result, Habasit round belts are resistant to water, oils, grease and benzine. Thanks to their close cross-section tolerances, Habasit round belts guarantee uniform power transmission.


Trapezoidal and Other Belt Shapes

Habasit trapezoidal and other shaped belts are tailor-made to suit specific industry and application needs or machine designs. We offer three different shapes: V, T and flat. These belts are used on linear conveyors, in diverter applications, and as an accessory for fabricated (joined endless) belts to support smooth and reliable operation.

Belts are produced in different materials (polyurethane, hydrolysis resistant polyurethane, PVC), different thicknesses (from 1.35 mm to 5 mm) and with various surface properties (smooth or embossed). The specific application will determine the product selected. For details see here.

Tray transport in food process Round belts in the paper industry Round belts on food processing machine