HabaCHAIN Slat and Conveyor Chains

Designed, produced, and serviced by the worldwide leader in belting, the HabaCHAIN range offers top-class innovation and quality combined with excellent reliability and cost-efficiency.

HabaCHAIN products are available in both straight-running and radius/side-flexing versions, and run on most systems and sprockets on the market today. They are fully compatible with industry standards, making them ideal for retrofitting.

Slat and conveyor chains are used in the following industries


Canning  Pharmaceuticals 
Bakery  Automotive 
Snack foods  Materials handling 
Meat, poultry and fish  Cardboard 
Packaging  Tissue 
Dairy  Textiles 
Yoghurt  cups on slat top chains Processing of packs in salt filling line Poultry meat handling on case chain conveyor