Providing a Complete Solution


  • Customer background
    The company is a UK division of a large Canadian retail and food service enterprise manufacturing frozen potato products such as French fries, potato specialties, appetizers, and pizza.
  • Application
    Packaging line: Inserting French fries (chips) into packets to be microwave cooked at home
  • Challenge
    Customer bought already joined/endless belts from his OEM. Fitting on site took an entire production shift to strip the machine, fit the belts and reassemble again. This was usually done in response to a breakdown rather than a planned maintenance break.
  • Recommended products
    HabaSYNC Timing Belt with prepared ends and appropriate tooling

Joining the belt on site by usage of:
- Timing belt with attached profiles (flights) with pre-prepared belt ends for the joining process
- Hot-pressing device PF-150C with adequate joining plates
- Additionally Polycord (round belt) joining kit PQ-18 to fit the spare profiles (flights) over the joint

Customer recovered cost of all tooling in the first belt fitting due to reduction of lost downtime and increased output
• Value to his business: cost of 12 hours downtime = Euro 27,000
• Saving: 9 hours downtime = Euro 20,000