Easy Luggage Transportation in a Railway Station


  • Customer background
    Railway Organisation
  • Application
    Transportation of passenger luggage
  • Challenge
    Due to a change in the time tables, the trains to the airport depart from a remote platform. To reach this platform from the other platforms where connecting trains arrive, there are no elevators or escalator, just stairs. Because of the complicity of the time tables, it was not possible to direct the trains to a platform that can be reached by elevators or escalators. Since most travellers towards the airport are travelling with (heavy) luggage, the railway organisation wanted to offer a solution to their travellers. But since this was a temporary problem (approximately for 2 years), the installation of an elevator or escalator would have taken too much time and would have been too expensive.
  • Recommended product
    HabasitLINK plastic modular belt M5010 GripTop 2"

Together with a distributor, Habasit offered an installation with a HabasitLINK M5010 equipped with GripTop elements along the stairs. The travellers can put their luggage on the belt at the bottom of the stairs and take it off on the top. On the other end a second conveyor runs to the bottom of the stairs. The belt is activated by several sensors that detect if luggage is put on the belt. Both installations can run in both directions for arriving and departing travellers.

• The railway company saved substantial amounts of money
• The travellers do not have to carry their heavy luggage up and down the stairs