Eliminating Splitting and Extending Belt Life


  • Customer background
    A well known packaging designer in the Midwest of the USA
  • Application
    Infeed belt for a hogger line
  • Challenge
    The belt conveys scrap corrugated cardboard to a shredder where it is pneumatically piped to be recycled. Small pieces and particulates have the tendency to work around the edge of the belt and compress to the pulley, causing it to bulge in various places. The lacing then tears from the belt.
  • Recommended product

Also allowed for extra length (3”) so old lacing could be cut out and new lacing installed, extending the belt life.

The rough top reduces particulate migration causing less material to drop over the edges and build up on the pulley. The non-woven carcass eliminates the fabric “running” and splitting, thus, extends belt life.