Saving Hours of Cleaning Time with Habasit Cleandrive


  • Customer background
    A leading producer of flooring for dry freight vans in the Midwest of the USA
  • Application
    Moving the wood slates for the flooring
  • Challenge
    The slates were coated in a molasses like glue compound that hardened and bound up the metal chain being used to convey them. This glue build-up led to premature conveyor failures and caused several emergency shutdowns per year.
  • Recommended product
    Habasit Cleandrive belt

Habasit recommended the smooth surface Habasit Cleandrive belt with flights to hold the wood slates off the belt surface, which allowed excess glue to drip onto the solid belt surface below. The closed surface eliminated the drip through of the heavy glue onto the conveyor components.

Habasit was able to save the customer three hours of clean-up each day of the hardened glue substance that needed to be chiselled off the old slate chain. This amounted to $54,750 a year in clean-up charges. Also the Habasit Cleandrive belt has significantly reduced emergency shutdowns and therefore prevents lost production time and money loss.