How to clean belts?

We recommend that you keep your belts' adhesive qualities intact by cleaning and conditioning belts when necessary. A clean belt will properly offer the friction qualities it should.

Cleaning Agents

  • Soap and water: For all belt types; Nylon belts should be dried after washing 
  • Alcohol: Spot cleaning on all belts 
  • Alkalis (low concentration): Not for use on EPDM rubber 
  • Ammonia: Not for use on NBR, EPDM or Silicone 
  • Borax: Good for all belting 
  • Chlorine: Do not use 
  • Kerosene: Not for use on PVC or EPDM covers 
  • Live Steam: Not for use on Nylon belts 
  • Household cleaners: Many are useful, check formulation and perform a spot test 
  • Quaternary Ammonia: Useful for cleaning/sanitizing food conveyor belts 
Please note: Combinations of agents may cause unpredictable damage.