Sticky Snacks on 90 Degree Powerturn


  • Customer background
    Large bakery in the Midwest of the US producing snack bars
  • Application
    A 90 degree powerturn receives the product from a guillotine after the snack bars have been cut into the appropriate lengths.The bars at this time are still relatively soft and somewhat sticky. There is a series of two 90 degree powerturns back to back that divert the product to a second cooling tunnel for final cooling before they are packaged.
  • Challenge
    The manufacturer had an ongoing issue of product sticking to the competitors 2-ply urethane powerturn belt they were using. The snack bars would transfer, but would leave a good amount of residue on the belt. Over time, the belt would become full of residue which created severe release issues. The residue in return would transfer to each conveyor until it got to the second cooling tunnel belt. This snack manufacturer would have to stop the line and clean the belts during the run rather then wait until they finished running a particular recipe.
  • Recommended product
    Belts from the Habasit Cleanline range, coated with Polyolefin

Habasit America was able to get one of the powerturn belts they stocked on the shelf and send it in to John Maze, Process Engineer in the Suwanee office to get the correct measurements.We properly designed and made a powerturn belt out of CNB-6EB, a type from the Habasit Cleanline range which has excellent release properties, and installed it.

We offered a good high release belt that allowed the customer to run the entire week before switching to a new recipe. They had no more issues with product transfer down the line. Habasit's belt has currently lasted 3:1 over the competitor's belt. By switching to the Habasit powerturn belt, the customer can expect a saving of $37,428.72 annually for the two powerturn conveyors.