Less Maintenance and Continuous Production in Abrasive Application


  • Customer background
    One of the largest Italian tomato processors

  • Application
    Wash elevator for tomatoes.
  • Challenge
    The company was looking for increased belt lifetime, reduced belt wear, and decreased maintenance downtime on a very critical high wear application: the primary wash elevator for tomatoes.
  • Recommended product
    M5032 Flush Grid

A closed hinge belt is the ideal solution for such abrasive applications. The M5032 belt incorporates both closed hinge benefits and the flush gridsurface necessary for tomato de-watering. The closed hinge design protects the rodsfrom debris accumulation in the hinge area, allowing higher wear resistance and a longer life for the plastic rods. Thanks to this, there is no need for stainless steel rods.

The M5032 Flush Grid belt with plastic rods provides a longer lifetime and less wear compared with the modular belts with stainless steel rods generally used in this application. The lower weight of the plastic rods reduces belt wear and energy consumption. This helps to decrease scheduled maintenance and assures long-term, problem-free continuous production.