Help the environment while saving money


  • Customer background
    Large poultry processor on the East Coast of the USA
  • Application
    Offal system
  • Challenge
    During the offal process water is removed from the meat and feathers before it is transported to the rendering facility. The poultry processor was using a solid conveyor belt which did not allow any water drainage during the offal process. As a result, the offal drum – a long cylinder screen mesh that spins and separates solids and water – could not dewater the material properly. That in turn caused meat transporting trucks to be overweight. Because there still was too much water in the meat product, the trucks would have to sit to drain the excess water before leaving the facility.
  • Recommended product
    HabasitLINK M5021 Perforated Flat Top 2"

Habasit recommended to replace the solid conveyor belt as well as the screen tumbler with our M5021 plastic modular belt. The perforated flat top surface allowed a very successful dewatering process and much smoother running.

Before the installation of the HabasitLINK M5021 plastic modular belt the meat to water ratio per truck load was 60% to 40%. With the M5021 up and running, the meat to water ratio was improved to 80% meat and only 20% water. That allowed the poultry processor to transport the same amount of product using four trucks less per day. Therefore, the Habasit belt saved the processor $1,927.20 a day in transportation cost alone.

But there are even more key savings for this processor:

  • Estimated annual transportation savings of $501,072
  • Up to 40% less truck emissions
  • 20% less water consumption
  • Capital savings of 80%