Biscuit Manufacturer Confirms Excellent Performance of Habasit Rotary Molder Belt


  • Company background
    United Biscuits in Carlisle, UK
  • Application
    Their rotary molder on this line is producing "Nice" biscuits as well as the biscuit middle for their "Gold Bar" biscuits, which is a chocolate coated product.
  • Challenge
    The competitor belt in use was experiencing lateral shrinkage leading to a belt replacement cycle of six weeks.
  • Recommended product
    Habasit Rotary molder belt HRM-160 CPLP

Habasit rotary molder belts are constructed using cotton fibers with the addition of linen and polyamide fibers to optimize lateral stability and provide excellent wear resistance.

After the transition to the Habasit HRM-160 belt, our customer saw superior performance with no significant reduction in belt width. The belt was inspected after six weeks, which revealed that the HRM’s belt surface was cleaner and less soiled with dough than the competitor’s belt. Ultimately, this customer was satisfied with the Habasit belt’s performance and is looking to lengthen the service life of the HRM-160 to better utilize its superior dimensional integrity (no narrowing) and release properties.