Reduction of Downtime and Product Loss


  • Customer background
    The company is a cigarette manufacturer
  • Application
    Inclined conveyor for shredded wet tobacco leaves. The parameters of the conveyor are:
    - Belt length: 6600 mm
    - Belt width: 550 mm
    - Angle: 20°
  • Challenge
    The customer was using belts which suffered from product slippage leading to inefficient conveying. There was also loss of production due to adhesion of the tobacco pieces to the belt surface, making it even more sticky and very dirty.
  • Recommended products
    TPO coated belts, in particular P-Line tobacco conveyor and processing types

Tests with the P-Line belt PAP-10EYWO were carried out. The belts showed reliable conveying features without any slippage of the cut tobacco on the surface.

Several PAP-10EYWO belts have now been installed. The customer is satisfied with their excellent performance which delivers:
• Efficient conveying - no slippage of tobacco
• Higher production output
• Cost savings due to reduced downtime
• Clean belt surfaces