Successful Test of New Polyester Belt Type


  • Customer background
    One of the most modern and largest cigarette factories in the Netherlands
  • Application
    Discharging conveyor belt after casing cylinder
  • Recommended product
    PNB-12EIWD (NVT-428)

Due to given experience with belts of competition, the cigarette factory expected at most one year of endurance for Habasit´s belt in this kind of application.

The Habasit conveyor belt PNB-12EIWD (NVT-428) ran without any problems and could achieve a longer life-time than comparable conveyor belts usually achieve under these difficult circumstances.
The normal discolouration of the belt, caused by the so called "casing sauce", could be prevented much longer than usually and occurred considerably later. This speaks much for the good surface characteristics and quality of the PNB-12EIWD (Less porosity).
The maintenance manager confirmed to our Dutch colleagues that he trusts the PNB-12EIWD (NVT-428) and that he ranks Habasit´s new polyester belt as a multi-functional belt for almost all applications of the tobacco primary department.